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Wishing You A Happy & Safe New Year from all at Aviagen Turkeys

As we now move into the New Year we can reflect on the many challenges that we have all faced in 2021. The market has coped with disruption caused by Covid-19, Avian Influenza and higher costs, and we will have to continue to manage these challenges as we begin 2022.

Although the last year has been very tough for all, the Aviagen® Turkeys team have continued the construction and expansion of our pedigree rearing sites and Aviagen Turkeys Russia is fully functioning with all farms in production now.

To continue supporting our customers, our Customer Support Team are more than ready to be on hand and arrange virtual meetings or in person if this is allowed at the time. This team is made up of Management Specialists and veterinary support all having unique expertise available and many years of experience in breeder, hatchery and commercial production worldwide. We’re also more dedicated than ever to releasing technical literature to support our customers whilst in person visits have been put on hold or delayed.

Wishing you all the best for 2022.


Shows & Events

Major events for the poultry industry in 2022
Dates are correct at time of publishing. For latest information please view exhibitors website.

IPPE ● USA ● 25 – 27 January


SIPSA ● Algeria ● 14 – 17 March 


Poultry Forum ● Italy ● 4 – 6 May 


British Pig & Poultry Fair ● UK ● 10 – 11 May



VIV Europe ● Netherlands ● 31 May – 2 June